Common-sense health for the modern person—that’s Simple Wellness.

We developed Simple Wellness so you can take control of some of the greatest lifestyle challenges of our time.  Millions struggle to stay healthy and manage the demands of work and family, to use food and nutrition as medicine, and to know if they’re on track toward wellness. 

Simple Wellness addresses those struggles and more.

We all understand  the results of diminished health: chronic fatigue, aches and pains, unwanted weight gain, high blood pressure, allergies—the list goes on and on.

Knowing that today’s health challenges are varied and unique, Simple Wellness is not simply a diet or weight-loss program. It is a process that accurately determines where your system is out of balance then guides it back into its optimal zone. By putting your body back into balance, you’ll experience and maintain a healthy weight, you’ll enjoy increased energy and vitality, and you’ll benefit from restful sleep.

From this foundation comes the strength to restore the body back to health.

The story of Simple Wellness is a story of change.


Dr. Dorian Quinn, PScD

Our process of health restoration has gone through numerous transformations and has had different names over the years. This is because our commitment to evolving, to learning, and to expanding has continually pushed us along the leading edge of health and wellness. With those advances came the need for change and refinement.

Initially, our clinic focused on holistic pain management, particularly for the spine, muscles and joints. Even though pain medication can play a useful role in managing symptoms and can provide wanted relief, we found the use of chiropractic manipulation, acupuncture, spinal decompression, and therapeutic exercise greatly added to a person’s recovery process.  For many years, this knowledge and application formed the bedrock of our practice.

Thousands and thousands of people successfully navigated our program ,which at that time was known as the Chiropractic Wellness Center. During this same time, the field of clinical nutrition made significant advancements.. With these came a clearer understanding of the origin of inflammation and its effect upon one’s health and wellbeing. Since inflammation is an important component to all types of pain, the principles of clinical nutrition were used as part of our holistic pain management. Eventually, we changed our name again to something that reflected a broader approach: Priority Health Group, a name we kept for many years..

Then something interesting happened.

The more we emphasized clinical nutrition and lifestyle modification, the less patients needed pain management. They found it easier to take care of themselves, and they loved it. With more control over their pain and health, they experienced wellness like never before.. From there, we continued to expand our emphasis on clinical nutrition, and for a brief time we went by the name “NutriMost Portland.”

As pain management became less of a clinical focus, however, we identified a common denominator causing problems in our patients: inflammation. Particularly, we noticed Inflammation drastically impacted hormone health and metabolism.

Chronic inflammation disrupts all body function, and it interferes with how hormones regulate the body systems. As a result, these systems continually weaken, and metabolism significantly slows down.

Of course, we saw other factors that affect the hormones and metabolism as well. Age, gender, injuries, surgeries, occupation, and lifestyle habits all contribute to how one restores their health.

With these two focal points in mind, Simple Wellness came to be.

Simple Wellness uses all this information about what makes you unique, creating a customized program that guides you and shows you how to restore your health with effective tools that fit easily into your everyday activities.

Simple Wellness incorporates and embodies the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). TCM views the body as a wonderfully designed set of interdependent systems that ebbs and flows through cycles. That flow can get blocked, disrupting your body’s balance.
At Simple Wellness, we find those blocks and guide you back into balance. At Simple Wellness, we lead you to real, lasting health.

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